Intrigue (the_bungalow) wrote,

Voted for my first time today; 3rd party (I live in MA, so no worries). I live in a very conservative town, however, so I thought I'd wear my awesome t-shirt:

lol link broken

My shirt alone got stares from each and every person standing outside holding signs because, besides traditional signs and bumper stickers, there's never anything that even resembles activism in this town. And I walked slow, because it felt good.

Now, I wasn't aware that you aren't supposed to wear anything that suggests how you're going to vote, so I was a bit surprised and defensive when the police officer came over to me as I started to vote and told me I had to take my shirt off. But it makes sense - you don't want to intimidate anyone. Afterward, the police officer told me she was sorry, it was policy, but she "shares the same sentiment". Hahahahah, that was awesome. She didn't say it quietly, either.

Also: read this.
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