Intrigue (the_bungalow) wrote,

By the time most of you read this, you'll probably know who won and I will not (I sleep different hours), so bear with me.

I almost want Bush to win, because I'm afraid of Kerry coming into office and creating a whole assortment of new problems. Ok, maybe I don't want Bush to win, but I'm still worried.

Kerry does have to win, though: Bush CANNOT have the opportunity to select up to three new Supreme Court judges; he'll probably cause a lot more problems; but, most importantly, whoever wins now will probably effect who will run/win in 2008 - if Bush wins, Hillary Clinton will run in 2008. THIS WOULD SUCK ASS. She is a crazy fucking bitch, but I'll get into that only if Bush wins. Plus, she'll be running against another neo-con in 2008, because they'll have control of the party after two Bush wins. However, as I said before, if he loses, traditional conservatives may be able to wrestle the party back, and they'll probably win in 2008. Not good, but neither is Hillary, and neither are neo-cons. Then the Democrats could restructuralize their party to a more ideal stance since they wouldn't have to deal with the neo-cons, and 2012 will be a much, much better election.

Unless Bush wins.
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