Intrigue (the_bungalow) wrote,


I was just watching the local news channel as the reporters asked people just before midnight what their New Year's resolutions are.

Reporter: And you, what is yours?
Trashy-looking white guy with gold teeth: TO SMOKE SOME MORE DOPE!!! YEAH! SMOKE DOPE ALL DAY LONGGG! YEAHHHHHHH!!!
Reporter: You heard it - to quit smoking. That's a great resolution! And how about you...

Awesome. And talk about a good recovery.
(Alright, it probably wasn't that funny)

New Year's Eve doesn't really mean much to me. But watching everyone proceed to kiss right at midnight is sort of disconcerting. :/

Of course, knowing that those same people will be stuck there and forced to listen to shitty music for at least 6 hours afterward does make me feel a little better...
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